Social Media – House Rules

The Adelaide Thunderbirds social media pages are a forum where our members and fans can receive news and content first-hand from the club and interact with one another.

With Adelaide Thunderbirds social media followers as young as 13 and a supporter base including many families, the Adelaide Thunderbirds are committed to ensuring a positive social media experience for everyone.

We encourage your interaction and comments, but please keep these thoughtful, on-topic and respectful to one another, our players, coaches and club.

In creating a positive social media experience, the following are deemed ‘unproductive’ by the Adelaide Thunderbirds. This includes, but is not limited to, offensive language, defamatory comments about the club’s players, coaches and staff and offensive behaviour to fellow fans.

The Adelaide Thunderbirds have the right to remove posts that are deemed unproductive and block users who continually post comments of this nature.