Player Appearance


The Adelaide Thunderbirds are proactive in connecting with the wider South Australian community by attending as many functions, events and specially requested appearances as possible each year.
Unfortunately due to the nature of the sport of netball not being a full-time profession our athletes are required to juggle their careers and study, training, Netball SA, Netball World Cup, personal and family commitments on a daily basis, which limits their availability to attend all appearance requests.

We strive to achieve attendance at the majority of appearance requests but if your request is unsuccessful please understand due to the aforementioned reasons obtaining an athlete to attend your event or function may not be possible.

Requests must be made four weeks prior to the event taking place and must be paid upon receipt of invoice from Netball SA one week before the event (a fee may not apply for NetSetGO and Fast5 appearances). Appearance cancellations will incur an administration fee of $50. Please be patient with your request submission as we receive several requests daily and we will do our best to respond to you as promptly as possible.

Player appearance conditions


How to get in touch

If you’re inquiring about NetSetGO Ambassador visits please directly contact Kara Richards:

08 8238 0500

And for Fast5 Ambassador visits contact Ashleigh Stratford:

08 8238 0525


For all other appearance requests please fill in the form below.