Top 3 Pre-Game Snacks

4 months ago

Before the Adelaide Thunderbirds run out onto the court, they’ve got to make sure their fueled with the right food. We caught up with Adelaide Thunderbirds Dietitian Olivia Warnes to find out what are the team’s top three pre-game snacks and why they are good for you!

What you are looking for in a pre-game snack is something which is high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide a 'top up' fuel source for athletes before the game to have them ready to perform physically and mentally.


The first of our carbohydrate-based snacks are fruit. The Adelaide Thunderbirds will always have a selection of fruit to choose from before a game with apples, grapes and bananas being the favourite choices. All are a natural sugar source for energy and contain fibre along with other important vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

Muesli Bars

Another carbohydrate-based snack our T’birds commonly eat pre-game are museli bars. A small convenient snack filled with carbohydrates.

Small pieces of sushi / rice cakes

Finally, sushi with soy sauce and flavoured rice cakes/rice crackers are also good options in warmer conditions. They are naturally high in electrolytes (salt) which will assist in retaining the fluid consumed during the game.

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