Hot tips to cool down

4 months ago

With our 2019 Suncorp Super Netball season cooling down, we caught up with the Adelaide Thunderbirds Strength and Conditioning Coach Kristie Sheridan to take us through how the team cools down after a big game.

Lower heart rate and body temperature (2-4 mins)

Following a game the first thing the team will do to mentally and physically wind down is to walk back on forth on the court and debrief with their teammates for two to four minutes. The purpose behind this is to lower the heart rate and core body temperature.

Active recovery (3-10 mins)

Following the walk, the team will then move onto active recovery for three to ten minutes such as stretching, riding the exercise bike or a light jog. This is the help reduce muscle soreness for subsequent sessions.

Ice baths (10 mins)

Once the team is off the court it is straight into the ice baths for ten minutes to reduce core body temperature along with inflammation and muscle soreness. This will help them recover more quickly for following training sessions.


What they eat straight after a match is also important for recovery. Usually the team will have a protein shake to help repair muscle damage along with a water and electrolyte replenishment to prevent dehydrations from sweat loss.

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