Croc Adventure

6 months ago

When we heard the words Crocosauraus Cove – we had a pretty good idea of what we were going to be heading into.

And without getting too technical – some of the crocodiles are big … like really big! So what happens when you have determined, focused, fierce Adelaide Thunderbirds athletes walk through the door? Well you know at least ONE of them will want to jump into the water with one!

Safely, and in the protection of a clear holding tank our adventure hero Hannah Petty, dipped her toe into the enclosure for an experience that she says “was amazing, and although I was a little scared at first, once I calmed down I really enjoyed the experience”.

Her crocodile companion was Leo, who came from Finniss River Station in the mid 1980’s. And measuring five metres long and weighing 750kgs, 15 minutes in the water with this cool beast, saw a lot of action water action. Hannah said the croc was so close in some instances she could see its deadly teeth and he was hungry!!!

With massive lurches out of the water, and the croc pulling its food down under the waterline – Hannah got to experience the full force of the animal and her team mates were enjoying the experience just as much – but from the safety of land!

Hannah does admit, that this may have started an adventure bug with her, and on her bucket list now is Shark Cage Diving in Port Lincoln … and she already has someone lined up for that – “mum and dad … that would be a great Christmas present!”. We’ll let you know how that turns out!

Not to be outdone by that awesome experience, the team also got to hold a smaller (yes much smaller) version of Leo. Co-Captain Chelsea Pitman stepped up to the plate and took control of the crocodile as she happily met with and chatted to the Assistant Minister for Sports & Community Events Mr Tony Sievers MLA and Ms Kate Worden Member for Sanderson.

But I think we all agree that the bravery award goes to Shammy .. who with the support and encouragement of our Co Vice Captain Layla Guscoth – and maybe after her 3rd or 4th attempt at holding the crocodile, proudly held it in her hands! Well done Shammy!!!

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