Behaviour Code of Conduct

The Adelaide Thunderbirds are committed to providing a safe, enjoyable environment within the stadium for all staff, sponsors, members and supporters.

Those who do not comply with the behaviour code of conduct may be refused entry or ejected from the stadium. Adelaide Thunderbirds management reserve the right to ban a member/supporter from attending future matches.

Adelaide Thunderbirds members and supporters must adhere to the following:

  • Treat all staff, officials & spectators with the stadium with respect
  • Enjoy the game day experience free from disruptive behaviour (including abusive language)
  • Consume alcoholic beverages within the stadium in a responsible manner – underage/intoxicated/disruptive supporters to be handed by stadium staff in a prompt and safe manner
  • Must not be under the influence of drugs
  • Not engage in anti-social behaviour within the stadium (including fighting, throwing objects & using abusive language) – Those who engage in this behaviour will be ejected from the stadium immediately
  • Interact with opposition supporters in a respectful manner
  • Comply with stadium staff requests and emergency response procedures
  • Sit in your allocated seats within the stadium & show proof of membership card/ticket purchase upon request – comply with stadium staff if asked to move to your allocated seat
  • Not engage in any discrimination, harassment or abuse of any kind