From the Head Coach: an update on each player

With all Adelaide Thunderbirds players in Adelaide and pre-season in full swing, Head Coach Tania Obst shares her insights on how each player is performing.


Sasha Glasgow

“After an interrupted 2018 season, Sasha is in full training and showing the natural talent and flair that we know she has in her GS game. I look forward to her progressing her game individually and as a goal circle unit with Cody and Maria.”


Cody Lange

“Cody has been a stand-out on and off the training track since November. Her attention to detail with her high-performance behaviours has ensured she is always ‘ready to train’. Her aerobic fitness, strength and power gains are proof to this. Codes has certainly enjoyed being able to complete a full load of training.”


Kelly Altmann

“Kelly has thrived in the pre-season environment being one of the fittest in the group. She has been working hard on her ball handling skills to feed the circle and has certainly enjoyed the mid court specialist work with Nat.”


Hannah Petty

“Hannah has worked very diligently with the performance team to make sure she is fit, following previous seasons interrupted by injury. She is showing tremendous progress in her fitness and strength and is growing in every court session in the C position.”


Chelsea Pitman

“After a busy 2018 and start to 2019, Chelsea is thriving in the pre-season phase. We have seen improvements in all aspects of her performance and I am looking forward to seeing Chelsea in full flight.”


Kate Shimmin

“Kate has been working tirelessly in the gym to ensure her body is ready for the 2019 season. Her on court GD match play is continuing to develop, reflecting the work she is doing off the court and in the gym.”



Shamera Sterling 

“What an exciting player she is. The glimpses we have seen already bring a smile to our faces. Shamera is now taking the opportunity of the off-court support available at the Adelaide Thunderbirds, such as strength and conditioning, to further enhance her on court game.”


Beth Cobden

“Beth is a great person to have within the team and around the club and is also settling in well with her housemates Kelly, Shamera and Layla. She is now 7 months post ACL surgery, and her training ethic and output is second to none, showing her determination to play for the team as soon as possible.”


Layla Guscoth

“The doctor! Her competitive streak has already been shown on court and we are extremely excited to see how this continues over the next couple of months.”


Maria Folau 

“Maria is settling in well. She is a class act both on and off the court. Her experience working with the other athletes is already evident in the training environment. Our team will benefit from this and her expertise.”


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