Jarrod Walsh’s five stand-out moments of 2018

With Jarrod Walsh’s first season of emceeing Adelaide Thunderbirds home games under his belt (or should we say under his cap) – he shares his five stand-out moments of 2018.

  1. The fans were simply amazing. No matter what was happening on court, the Adelaide Thunderbirds fans were always cheering and loud, and they packed out Priceline Stadium every home game. There’s no doubt we have the best fans in the league!
  2. Kate Shimmin in defence. Kate’s blocks were basketball-like. Her defence this year was incredible and seeing her hard work each game was inspiring.
  3. The return of Cat Tuivaiti. An ACL injury is a scary thing and I’m sure athletes would always wonder IF they would be back as opposed to WHEN. The cheer for Cat when she stepped back onto the court in Round 10 was electric.
  4. The hard nut – Charlee Hodges. Charlee started the year without a concrete role but to see her step-up and play superb netball, even after a few knocks shows she is going to be a future star!
  5. The spirit. The players always maintained such a strong attitude and the desire to do their best for one another. After each game when the players met their fans, they always had smiles on their faces and that was brilliant to see.