Adelaide Thunderbirds Round 2 Match Report


Adelaide Thunderbirds (48) vs GIANTS Netball (71)

Starting seven:

Adelaide Thunderbirds: GS: Shimona Nelson, GA: Charlee Hodges, WA: Chelsea Pitman, C: Bongi Msomi, WD: Fiona Fowler, GD: Leana de Bruin, GK: Kate Shimmin

GIANTS Netball: GS: Jo Harten, GA: Susan Pettitt, WA: Kim Green, C: Serena Guthrie, WD: Jamie-Lee Price, GD: Bec Bulley, GK: Sam Poolman

Shooting statistics:

Adelaide Thunderbirds:
Shimona Nelson 34/38 (89%)
Charlee Hodges 11/14 (79%)
Abigail Latu-Meafou 3/3 (100%)

GIANTS Netball:
Jo Harten 25/32 (78%)
Susan Pettitt 17/20 (85%)
Kristina Brice 29/29 (100%)

Match report:

The Adelaide Thunderbirds have been defeated by GIANTS Netball 48–71 at Priceline Stadium.

The GIANTS got off to a strong start, taking an eight-goal lead into the first break, with the score line 10 – 18.

For the second quarter, Ryan brought Abigail Latu-Meafou into the GA, with Charlee Hodges subbed. The T-Birds scored the first two goals of the quarter, but the GIANTS stepped up to another level and extended their lead at half-time to 17 goals.

At half-time, with the score line 16-33, Ryan made a host of changes, with all three players sitting on the bench brought on, with Hodges back into GA, Kaitlyn Bryce made C, and Hannah Petty moved into WD. The new combinations began to fight back, with a 6-4 run to start the term.

“The players that were sitting on the bench were desperate for their opportunity,” Ryan said.

“Hannah grew into the game, and Charlee came back into the game and did really well.

“Charlee had a slow start in the first quarter and she was closed out of the game by Bec Bulley, but after reflecting on the first 15 minutes, she came back into the game in the second half, and I thought her learning was really, really good.”

The third quarter was a high scoring affair with GIANTS and Adelaide Thunderbirds scoring 23 and 18 goals respectively. Going into the final break the score was 34-56.

Ryan made one change going into the last quarter, with captain Leana de Bruin subbed for Kate Shimmin, who took on the GK bib.

In the last quarter, Adelaide Thunderbirds showed plenty of fight, narrowly missing out on a bonus point, with GIANTS scoring 15 goals to 14.

Reflecting on today’s game, Ryan said he was once again impressed with 19-year-old Shimona Nelson in GS, who shot 34 goals from 38 attempts.

“In some parts of today’s game, it was a step back from last week, but in another areas we had some really good growth,” he said.

“We made a few mistakes through nerves and hesitation and had a lot of forced mistakes from the GIANTS pressure.”

“Full credit to the GIANTS they are a stellar outfit. The way they play the game is exceptionally strong.”

The Adelaide Thunderbirds will next travel to Melbourne to play the Collingwood Magpies at 7pm on Saturday 12 May at Hisense Arena.

Full statistics available here.