Get to know Adelaide Thunderbirds captain Leana de Bruin

Where were you born?

Bethlehem, South Africa


What’s your first memory of playing netball?

I started off as a GS, but didn’t like it because I liked trying to get the ball off a shooter rather than getting it passed to me.


Who was your netball hero growing up?

We didn’t have the luxury of watching netball on TV while I grew up, but in 1995 Elize Kotze was the South African GK at the time and her team beat New Zealand in the semis at World Cup.


Describe your defending style?

I like to go for intercepts or create them for my teammates to go for. I’m more of a space marking defender than your one-on-one defender.


Do you have a pre-game superstition?

No real superstitions, but I do have to warm up and prepare in the change room well before the game starts. I’m also very fussy with what I eat the night before and on the day of a game.


Favourite thing about Adelaide?

How easy it is to get around and living close to the beach.


Favourite past-time outside of netball?

I spend all that time with my eight-year-old son Caleb, as life is busy as a netballer.


Favourite food?



Favourite song?

I haven’t really got a favourite song, I love lots of different types of music and I do enjoy listening to my Afrikaans (South African) songs.


Favourite movie?

Blind Side


Dream holiday destination?

I’d love to go to South Africa to see my family.


Tea or coffee?

Definitely, coffee


Cats or dogs?



Three people you would invite over for dinner?

If I could have my Nanna and Pop I would love to have dinner with them, and my family back in South Africa! Sorry that’s more than three haha!


The Bachelor or Married at First Sight?

Oh dear!! MAFS because the girls kept going on about it and I started watching it!! Grr


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