What it’s like being an Adelaide Thunderbirds match day volunteer

Join the Adelaide Thunderbirds family as a match day volunteer

The Adelaide Thunderbirds are currently recruiting their ‘behind-the-scenes team’… also known as Match Day Volunteers!

As a Match Day Volunteer, you will learn new skills, meet new friends and help deliver an event that showcases the world’s best netballers.

Expressions of interest to become a Match Day Volunteer remain open until Friday 23 February and successful applicants will be notified shortly after. To register your interest click here.


To help Adelaide Thunderbirds members and supporters understand more about the role of a Match Day Volunteer and to spark your interest, we’ve caught up with Meg Gum. Meg is the Volunteer Coordinator and has been a Match Day Volunteer since 2013.


What are the roles you’ve been involved in?

I’ve been involved in many game day service and ‘front of stadium’ roles, including helping with fan and sponsorship activations, and activities in the Fan Village. I’ve also been Volunteer Coordinator for the past three years.


Why do you enjoy these roles?

They all involve varied tasks and have allowed me to see what goes into organising and running an elite netball match from both a front and back of house perspective.

I have loved getting to know the different staff and volunteers involved and have made some good friends over the five years. As a netball fan, getting to see what goes on behind-the-scenes has been interesting and I have loved getting to interact with the other Adelaide Thunderbirds fans.


What has most surprised you about what goes on behind-the-scenes on match day?

I was most surprised by how exact the timing is and what needs to be in place for the game to be played.

It’s not as simple as having two teams on court to play. There are a lot of other things that must be put into place to ensure all games played are fair and that each match is played on time. There is a lot that goes into being able to broadcast the match.


What has been your favourite memory of being involved in an Adelaide Thunderbirds match day?

I have loved being involved and have many great memories from the past five years, but two stand out.

The most recent was being at Renae Ingles last match with the Adelaide Thunderbirds. The vibe at the game was amazing and it was very special to be at her last game.

My other favourite memory would have to be volunteering at the winning grand final in 2013. The whole day was exciting and the atmosphere at the game was electric. Being court side when that final whistle blew was amazing! And getting to see and hold the trophy after the game was pretty cool.


If you’d like to join Meg as a Match Day Volunteer for the 2018 Adelaide Thunderbirds season, register your interest here.