Game day experience winners + December competition

Tossing the coin before an Adelaide Thunderbirds match, delivering the game-day ball or having your seats upgraded, would be the dream experience for many Adelaide Thunderbirds members, and for three lucky supporters this will become reality in the 2018 season!

Jason Bray, Bridget Smith and Karen Edson were the winners of our November competitions, after they signed up for a 2018 Adelaide Thunderbirds membership last month.

Jason Bray’s daughter, Maddison will toss the coin before an Adelaide Thunderbirds home game.

“When I told Maddison that we had won the prize she was a bit shy about it,” Jason said. “But when I suggested her sister could do it instead, Maddison quickly changed her mind and said that she will practice her coin tossing.”

Jason said it’s the first time his family are Adelaide Thunderbirds memberships. They have purchased four platinum memberships for 2018.

“We’ve been to a few games, but this is the first time we will be members,” he said.

“Maddison is in her second season with Tango Netball Club, she loves netball and the Adelaide Thunderbirds.”

Bridget Smith bought her and her daughter, Annabelle, three-game memberships for the 2018 season, and for one of those games, Annabelle will deliver the ball for the centre pass.

“Annabelle is obsessed with netball,” Bridget said. “When I tell her that she has won the prize, she will be beside herself.”

Our third winner was Karen Edson and her daughter, Shanisse, who will have their seats upgraded for a game.

Karen said her and Shanisse love going to the games together and it’s the third season they will be members.

“Shanisse is now 22, so we no longer regularly go out together, but going to the netball is a good mother and daughter day-out,” Karen said.

“We play netball together and both really love the sport, it’s good fun.”

To be in the running to win the December prize of a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, purchase your membership before 31 December here.